The Flash #768 review

Wally West has had enough. After a very rough few years, he’s decided to quit superheroing and concentrate on his family. The Justice League members he tells are, at best, nonplussed. Uncle Flash Barry is especially upset. Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow, though, is good with Wally’s decision, his super-speed having killed Ollie’s ward, Roy […]

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Batman/Superman #16 review

Ever read a regular issue of a comic and wish it were in prestige format? That’s how this comic has me feeling, as new writer Gene Luen Yang, artists Ivan Reis and Danny Miki and colleagues produce something very special. The story nods to the 1940s big screen versions of Superman, Batman and Robin, with […]

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Action Comics #1029 review

Superman and Superboy are above the earth again, battling space shrimps. They’ve seen them off once, but Jon’s time spent in the 31st century has told him his father dies as a result of their encounter with the beasties. The unwelcome visitors have arrived via an inter-dimensional rift, with the supposedly friendly scientists of Star […]

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Teen Titans Academy #1 review

Term begins at the Roy Harper Titans Academy, the DC Universe’s brand new school for ‘gifted youngsters’. I’m not being snarky, the phrase is right there in the splash page legend for this Future State spin-out, which tells us that Nightwing, Donna Troy, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy are ready to mentor the next […]

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Captain Marvel #27 review

It’s the morning after the dystopia before. Carol Danvers is back from a dark 2052 where she had a major victory, but failed to save as many people as she would wish. A personal loss was her relationship with James Rhodes and now, 12 days on, Captain Marvel just wants to hide away from the […]

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Nightwing #78 review

Dick gets a dog – and she’s adorable! Oh, you want more? Well, you don’t have to be a boy acrobat to find this first Infinite Frontier issue of Nightwing a wonderful jumping-on point. The story opens with a flashback to our hero’s first meeting with future Batgirl and Oracle Barbara Gordon, after they’ve both […]

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Justice League #59 review

I’m not one for re-starting series willy nilly, but if ever a book deserved a new #1 it’s Brian Bendis and David Marquez’ Justice League. Even though the story continues from recent DC Universe events, it feels as fresh as a Themysciran daisy. The issue opens in the Hall of Justice with a conversation between […]

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The Joker #1 review

Riddle me this? When is a Joker comic not a Joker comic? When the star of the show is Jim Gordon. Sure, the Clown Prince of crime appears throughout the issue, but it’s in flashback, or he’s an eerie figure haunting Gotham’s recently retired police commissioner. Joker #1 is a terrific study of Gordon, laying […]

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