Superman #22 review

The Psi War storyline continues, with psychics Hector Hammond and the Hive Queen at one another’s throats. Meanwhile, Superman ponders his vulnerability to mental attacks before catching up first with blogging partner Cat Grant, then best pal Jimmy Olsen. His chat with the latter is interrupted when Metropolis is attacked by familiar-looking tech, prompting Clark […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #16 review

And so ends another chapter in Legion history, as the Legion of Super-Heroes mops up the last members of the Legion of Super-Villains and the sacrifice of one hero destroys the blue being behind recent calamities. One long-running mystery that’s resolved is the identity of the little blue god. The evidence pointed towards Krona, ancient […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #11 review

Following on from this month’s Legion of Super-Villains #1, Lightning Lass, Sun Boy, Phantom Girl, Wildfire, Ultra Boy, Tyroc and Colossal Boy help with the clean-up after Saturn Queen’s destruction of the prison on Takron-Galtos. Along with such old ‘friends’ as Tyr, we meet two new would-be LSV members, Fume and Frost. Elsewhere on the […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #8 review

Well, there’s no doubt about it after this issue. Shadow Lass has lost her mind.  Bad enough she’s sleeping with new member Earth-Man, a xenophobic killer forced on the team after trying to destroy the Legion. That could be considered a private foolishness.  But here she votes for him to be Cosmic Boy’s successor as […]

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