Hawk and Dove #5 review

HAWK!DOVE!DONE! I think this will be my last issue. A big part of my jumping on this book, when it debuted as part of DC’s New 52 promotion, was the presence of Sterling Gates as writer. His Supergirl work showed a huge talent for story, plotting, action and characterisation. Interviews and the first couple of […]

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Hawk and Dove #4 review

We join Hawk and Dove soon after the events of last issue, as they interrogate the murderous Condor about their mutual connection. Along the way we’re filled in as to how the fight between the heroes, Condor and his ally Swan at the White House panned out, and learn that Deadman has a bigger part […]

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Hawk & Dove #2 review

While Hawk and Dove fight to keep Washington DC safe from Alexander Quirk’s Monsters of Mass Destruction, super-criminal Condor kills rival Osprey so his powers can turn a psycho into a Swan … … spotting a pattern? Yup, everyone’s a bird. And everyone has a variation on the same costume: Hawk and Dove, Condor and […]

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Teen Titans #100 review

It’s the fight no one demanded, Superboy Prime vs the Teen Titans. Time and time again Prime has been defeated, placed in an ‘ultimate prison’, depowered, whatever … but he keeps coming back. DC writers just love him, with this month’s fan being JT Krul. He’s allied Prime with a Legion of Doom comprising villainous […]

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