Bodies #1 review

Four detectives. Four time periods. Four bodies.Or is it only one body, appearing at different points in the same London street – 1890, 1940, 2014 and 2050? That’s the high concept in Si Spencer’s new Vertigo series, but it’s not the only reason to check it out. Each vignette features authentic dialogue that will delight […]

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Captain Marvel #1 review

I have to hand it to Marvel, they really are committed to Carol Danvers, ‘promoting’ her from Ms to Captain Marvel, giving her a new series, crossing it over with an Avengers book in a bid to increase sales and, when that doesn’t work, relaunching it again. So here we have the second Captain Marvel debut issue […]

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All-New X-Factor #1 review

Never mind All-New X-Factor, Marvel should be calling this Brand-New X-Factor because it’s all about the brand. And that brand is Serval Industries, whose sponsorship message is on the cover and pervades the interior. You may have noticed the corporation’s logo lately in such books as Mighty Avengers, and here we find out what they’re […]

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