Superboy #11 review

Inside, there’s also Psionic Lad, would-be assassin turned pal. Together they help the Phantom Stranger see off black magician Tannarak and his Hollow Men, reuniting the people of Smallville with their souls. That’s not bad for 20 pages. Not that it’s easy – Lori and Simon must fight off the Parasite inside the barn while […]

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Superboy #5 review

That is one beautiful cover, courtesy of penciller Eddy Barrows, inker JP Mayer and colourist Jamie Grant – dynamic, vibrant, not just another variation on the traditional Superman/Flash race … surely it’s sold a few extra copies of this issue. I hope so, as Superboy’s new solo title deserves to pile on readers. There’s a […]

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Superboy #1 review

It’s been a long road back to prominence for Conner Kent. Born in the wake of the Death of Superman event, he had his own comic through the Nineties, managing a hundred issues. He spent time as a Teen Titan, then wound up dead for awhile, before being revived to star in the equally revived […]

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