Teen Titans Academy #3 review

There’s one big problem with this latest attempt to recapture the Titans magic, and that’s the Titans themselves. The senior ones, I mean. The new kids who’ve been around just a couple of months are starting to shine as individuals and gel as a group, here taking on the Suicide Squad without a second thought […]

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Action Comics #1031 review

Many times, we’ve seen Superman looked on as a god by people he encounters. Rarely have we had such a fine visual representation of the feeling as on the first page on Action Comics #1031. The composition and execution by artist Daniel Sampere, allied to the hazy colouring effects from Adriano Lucas, sell the idea […]

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Stargirl Spring Break Special #1

It’s hard being a superhero when you’ve homework assignments to hand in. Courtney Whitmore isn’t the first teen heroine to learn this lesson, but it doesn’t mean she’s not feeling the pressure. Happily, while being Stargirl can cause problems, it’s also a release – what better way to express and exorcise frustrations than to blast […]

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Heroes Reborn #3 review

When a speedster is done with the fast work, it’s time to relax – not that Blur necessarily knows what time it is. Stanley Stewart is the World’s Fastest Mortal, and speed isn’t the only trick up his Spandex sleeve – he knows magic too! What a shame his latest foe has the same mix. […]

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Wonder Girl #1 review

Born in Brazil, raised in Boise, Yara Flow is taking her first trip to the land of her birth since she was brought the the US as a tot. On the plane, she’s dreaming. In Rio de Janeiro, Yara’s bus tour is interrupted by a road accident, prompting her to leap into action. The pleasant […]

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The Flash #770 review

It’s 1944 and mystery men the Ray and the Flash have been given a mission by FDR – capture the Spear of Destiny from the Nazis. They’ve not met previously and don’t look set to become best buddies. Things don’t go according to plan, thanks to Hitler’s real secret weapon… but the boys have help […]

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Wonder Woman #772 review

On a quest for a magic key, Diana has allowed herself to be swallowed by Nidhogg, the snake that surrounds the World Tree of Norse mythology. She’s confident she can find the key and get out again, but hasn’t factored in the fact that when it comes to stomach acid, the bile of a mystical […]

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Superman #31 review

On another world. Superman and Superboy face an ancient, undying evil that’s possessing the populace. Clark and Jon decide to tackle the situation on two fronts – Senior will warn the locals to beware the Shadowbreed, while Junior accompanies the local prince to a lab where, he says, he can produce a useful bomb. Of […]

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Heroes Reborn #1 review

It’s just another day in the neighbourhood and Robbie Reyes is a man on a mission. On a bike. Wot, no flaming muscle car? The figure watching him takes this as confirmation that this isn’t the reality he knows. Blade the Vampire Slayer finds himself on a world with no vampires. And that’s not the […]

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