Generations Forged #1 review

Heroes and villains lost in time. Unlikely team-ups. Angry gods. Reality rewritten. On the one hand, so far as Generations Forged goes, you’ve seen it all before. On the other GIANT cosmic hand, the aforementioned story points come up again and again for good reason – they’re guaranteed crowd pleasers when brought out by a […]

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Superman: Worlds of War #2 review

It’s years since Superman disappeared, and a young woman has made a pilgrimage to Smallville. The town has become a tourist trap, somewhere folk come to swap stories about encounters with the Man of Steel, and theories about what’s happened to him. Not Sadie. She explains that it was a single story written by Superman […]

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Future State: Shazam #2 review

Ever had one of those weeks when there really are no comics you fancy? DC’s Future State event continues to churn out depressing-looking fare, mostly Bat-books, and with nothing that immediately appealed, an act of desperation – I bought Shazam! #2 and went back a few digital weeks and got the first issue too. I’d […]

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Future State: The Flash #2

Possessed by the evil embodiment of Famine, Flash Wally West has been rampaging around the DC Universe, killing his fellow speedsters. Impulse. Kid Flash, Max Mercury, The Flash of China, original Flash Jay Garrick – slaughtered. Only Jay’s successor Flash, Barry Allen, survives – but Wally has stolen his speed. Still, Barry is a scientist, […]

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