Superman #16 review

Superman has allowed himself to be captured by the monstrous villain known as Prophecy. As it turns out, in his own mind, Prophecy is a good guy.  Superman’s not convinced, given he’s had his powers drained and is tossed into a big hole where previously defeated Supermen are being forced to dig their own graves. […]

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Suicide Squad Rebirth #1 review

Amanda Waller has a problem – President Barack Obama has found out about the existence of Task Force X and he’s not pleased.  Amanda Waller has a very persuasive manner. She convinces Obama there should be a murderous, lunatic black ops team serving a world that can’t know of its existence … all it really […]

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Batman and Robin Eternal #1 review

Too many sidekicks. That’s one of the problems with the current Batman mythos. The contracted continuity post-Flashpoint means that in just over five years Batman has brought Dick Grayson, Jason Todd and Tim Drake into the hero business. Damian Wayne showed up and claimed the Robin legacy. Barbara Gordon joined the fray as Batgirl, Stephanie […]

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Superman/Wonder Woman #8 review

After his Alaskan sojourn in Action Comics #31, and his changing metabolism having barred him from the Fortress of Solitude, Superman has retreated to his Metropolis apartment. There he sits in the dark, brooding. A concerned Wonder Woman tracks him down and is perturbed – but not frightened – by the changes the Doomsday virus […]

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Batman #12 review

Emancipated siblings Harper and Cullen Row don’t have it easy. Scrimping to get by in Gotham’s Narrows district, electrical engineer Harper worries about her brother, the victim of regular gay-bashings. One day Harper stands up to the bully boys, and gets some unexpected aid – from Batman. She decides she’s going to help him back. […]

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Batman 680 review

Batman, brain addled but fighting back as the Batman of Zur-en-arrh, takes the battle to Arkham Asylum, where the Black Glove and his Club of Villains are using the helpless Nightwing in a game of deadly chance. And Joker is the wild card. Batman RIP has really kicked into high gear for me in the […]

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