Wonder Woman #778 review

I don’t keep up with variant covers but I can’t imagine that even the loveliest shot of Diana posing moodily would beat artist Travis Moore and colourist Tamra Bonvillain’s tremendous opening image for Wonder Woman #778. Wonder Woman in Bronze Age outfit and pals Siegfried and Ratatosk falling through a rabbit hole of multiple earths? […]

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Action Comics #1034 review

DC’s original Superman comic truly lives up to its name this issue. At the Fortress of Solitude, Lois Lane and Warworld refugee Thao-La defend themselves against Mongul’s assassins. In the Atlantic Ocean, Superman, Supergirl and Superboy desperately try to end the Mexican standoff between the US and Atlantis over possession of a Warworld power cell. […]

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Checkmate #3 review

DC’s super-spy mini-series begins in the aftermath of assassin queen Talia’s aborted escape from Leviathan. She’s murdered associates of the country’s leader, Mark Shaw, and Superman has come to take her to the US and prison. Afterwards, Shaw addresses his surviving partners. A few weeks later, members of the ad hoc Checkmate group discuss new […]

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Superman: Son of Kal-El #2 review

That’s a striking cover from John Timms, I always like it when the Superman shield is incorporated into a design, and the upside down Metropolis cityscape screams “City of Tomorrow’. The globe is probably one element too many, though it’s relevant to the interior, while the lines behind Jon are just confusing… is it a […]

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Superman Red and Blue #6 review

Cards on the table, I bought the first issue of this anthology because I love Superman. The promise of timeless material, stories unconstrained by current continuity, was irresistible. And I still haven’t read the darn thing. There’s something about the USP – stories in which the title colours are to the fore – that puts […]

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The Flash #773 review

Heat Wave is on a rampage in Central City, starting blazes not as a cover to steal, but to scare, possibly harm, people. The Flash, Wally West, has escaped his latest conflagration, but the villain has fled the scene. There’s no time for Wally to get bored, though, as he has his new job at […]

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Nightwing #83 review

Isn’t that a delightfully playful cover? Nightwing’s quick change is a refreshing switch from the admittedly wonderful dramas that usually play out on the front of this series. And the single line of dialogue is certainly a grabber so far as getting me to open this issue quickly is concerned. What is Dick going to […]

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Batman ‘89 #1 review

If ever a comic book was to come with a soundtrack, this would be the one. Just looking at Joe Quinone’s picture-perfect cover plants Danny Elfman’s iconic theme in my head. ‘Dar-dar-dar-DAR-duh-dar…’ The issue opens with Gotham DA Harvey Dent about to ask girlfriend Barbara Gordon a very big question over a Hallowe’en dinner. He’s […]

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