Green Arrow #28 review

Green Arrow is on a journey. The evil masterminds of the Ninth Circle have stolen his city, his fortune and his reputation and Oliver Queen is fighting back, travelling across the US, squashing their schemes as he bids to take down the organisation.  And along the way, he’s meeting local heroes. So far, GA has […]

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Animal Man Annual #1

Socks the cat, former avatar of the Red, tells Animal Man’s daughter Maxine of an early attempt by the Rot to rule all. More than a century earlier in Canada, a Swamp Thing and an Animal Man fought back the forces that devastated their community, but the Rot promised it would return. Which it did, […]

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Animal Man #1 review

Buddy Baker, stuntman. Superhero. Activist. And now, actor. Having semi-retired Animal Man, Buddy’s taken the lead role in an indie movie and wondering what to do next. One thing he has to do right now is explain to daughter Maxine that she can’t have a pet dog, because being in regular contact with a single […]

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