Mighty Avengers #4 review

Mighty Avengers? Not if this logo is anything to go by. If you actually spot it on the comic store shelf – the bottom right placing virtually guarantees cover-up by the next title along – that tiny roadsign thing says the Apologetic Avengers. The Meek Avengers. The Namby-Pamby, Move Along, Nothing To See Here Avengers. […]

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The Mighty Avengers #1 review

Another week, another new Avengers book. A line I’m sure I’ve used previously. But that’s just it, Marvel can’t stop extending the brand, most recently with Avengers AI and now, this. Our story begins with Thanos’ lackeys, Proxima Midnight and Ebony Maw – feel free to take a titter break – sent to Earth to […]

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Avengers A.I. #1 review

Here’s a spin-off from the Age of Ultron series which sees Hank Pym gather a team of heroes to take on the evil machine intelligences of the Marvel Universe. Mostly cybernetic and robotic creations, the Avengers A.I. members are well placed to prevent a war between man and machine, with their first assignment being to […]

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Age of Ultron Book 10 AI review

Reeling from the events of the Age of Ultron, Hank Pym looks back on his beginnings and re-embraces life as a costumed adventurer. And that’s it, really. This is a prelude to the upcoming Avengers AI series, in which Hank Pym leads a bunch of robotic types as they … well, I dunno. This comic […]

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X-Men: Schism #1 review

We know how it ends. With Wolverine and Cyclops heading philosophically opposed X-teams. But how does it begin? That’s what this five-issue mini plans to show us, and it gets off to a pretty good start here. Wolverine is knackered after another day as Marvel’s busiest mutant, but Cyclops has booked him to take young […]

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Iron Man #500 review

Blimey, it’s ages since I’ve read an issue of Iron Man. We were buds once – check out my profile pic at the side of the page for proof. Touching. But I fell out of love with Tony Stark around the time of Marvel’s Civil War event, and while I understand that his conniving, murdering […]

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