The New Avengers #8 review

Luke Cage and Jessica Jones are in a restaurant, on their first date. Given that they’ve been wed awhile, this is a little surprising, but hey, they’re Avengers – busy people. The subject turns to whether Jess – who’s spent the last several years as a private detective while trying to ignore her super-powers – […]

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Action Comics #897 review

Lex Luthor leers monstrously from David Finch and Peter Steigerwald’s striking DC Icons cover, but it’s the Joker who steals the show this issue. The story sees Lex track down a Black Lantern sphere to the Joker’s cell in Arkham Asylum and try to prise out of him whatever he knows. Which turns out to […]

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Shazam #1 review

So here’s Mary and Billy Batson, forlorn after the events of the past few years. When Freddy Freeman – the only member of the Marvel Family to still wield the old wizard’s powers – comes to call, Mary’s full of self-pity. Twin Billy is more sanguine, and shocked when Mary betrays Freddy to the demon […]

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Wonder Woman #606 review

Ah, now this issue is going to be controversial … or not. On the one hand, one of the most popular characters in the Wonder Woman mythos meets a sticky end. On the other, well, it’s ‘only’ an alternate world story. Of course, we don’t know what elements of the Odyssey storyline will bleed back into […]

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Fantastic Four #587 review

The 587th issue of a comic should always be special, so here’s Marvel’s gala Death Issue of the Fantastic Four, complete with environment-be-damned plastic bag. The comic’s on sale a day early and Associated Press has already spoilt the surprise for many, but as an actual regular reader, a chap who’d be buying the book anyway, […]

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Digital Visions #4 review

Digital Visions is a new anthology from Visionary Comics spotlighting up and coming talent. This is my first issue, so let’s see if I can just jump past the ‘sexy’ cover by Mike Bunt and right into the stories … Leading off the book is Cabra Cini, Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman. Not much explanation needed here, […]

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Avengers Academy #8 review

Months ago, Tigra was badly assaulted by the Hood and the incident taped. As the film leaks onto the internet, the Avengers Academy students see Tigra’s ordeal and are surprised when she reveals that while the Hood was subsequently locked up, she didn’t use the claws of the cat to tear him limb from limb. […]

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Iron Man #500 review

Blimey, it’s ages since I’ve read an issue of Iron Man. We were buds once – check out my profile pic at the side of the page for proof. Touching. But I fell out of love with Tony Stark around the time of Marvel’s Civil War event, and while I understand that his conniving, murdering […]

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