Mystik U #1 review 

It’s Zatanna’s first day at magic college and she meets four other new students. There’s Pia Morales… June Moone… Sebastian Faust… and Davit Sargon They’re sent on a scavenger hunt by the Dean, Rose Psychic, where they find that even considering they’re at a school for gifted youngsters, something weird is going on.  They learn […]

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Action Comics #992 review 

It’s easy to revere a dead parent you never met, but Superman has now encountered a man claiming to be Jor-El. And for all his excuses, Mr Oz has done monstrous things. And if Jor-El is Mr Oz, what does that make Superman? Does the Kryptonian apple fall far from the Scarlet Jungle tree? The […]

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Doomsday Clock #1 review

It’s seven years since Adrian Veidt scared the nations of the world into ending an apparently inevitable slide towards Armageddon. His fake alien invasion killed three million people and hospitalised tens of thousands, but it worked. With a common, if imaginary, enemy, world leaders rallied and peace reigned.  For awhile. It’s 1992 and Ozymandius’s grand […]

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Super Sons #10 review

The family has moved to Metropolis but Jon Kent and dad Clark are back in the countryside, with their friends Damian and Bruce Wayne.  They’re testing Jon’s powers, which are kicking in by the day.  The kind-hearted Superboy wants his pal to share the experience of flight, providing a poignant moment.  A few weeks later, […]

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Superman #35 review 

The first family of Metropolis are on Apokolips and in big trouble. Superman has been dragged into Lex Luthor’s scheme to save his skin, pegged as the prophesied saviour of Apokolips. Lois has been co-opted into the Female Furies, where survival depends on remaining in Granny Goodness’s bad graces.  And Jon? He’s alone in the […]

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Wonder Woman #34 review 

Having learned that she has a twin brother, Wonder Woman has located Jason in Greece, and it turns out that parentage isn’t the only thing they share.  They have questions. Diana wants to know why, given his foster father Glaucus told him of his background, he never sought out Diana. Jason wants to know why their […]

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Superwoman #16 review

The mysterious Midnight has stolen Steel, sucked John Henry Irons through one of the mini-black holes that have popped up around Metropolis. When it tried to get Lois Lane, though, it failed. The injured Lois has managed to drag herself to the Steelworks, to warn Lana Lang, Superwoman, of the threat. There, she shocks Lana’s […]

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Supergirl #15 review

It’s a quiet day for Supergirl. Well, quiet in that there’s no supervillain to fight. It’s pretty turbulent in terms of emotions, as she deals with the ramifications of recent events. Her birth father, Zor-El, corrupted and recreated as the Cyborg Superman, attacked National City. She took him out and sent him into custody, but […]

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