Dial H For Hero #1 review

An ordinary kid in an ordinary town, Miguel fantasies about being special. He remembers once meeting someone very special. Years later, Miguel’s parents are no longer on the scene and he’s living with his uncle and working in his food business. It’s not the life Miguel wants, so he finds his excitement elsewhere. Today, he […]

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Action Comics #1009 review

Think Amanda Waller is the toughest civilian in the DC Universe? Think again, as Lois Lane gives her a piece of her mind. While Waller speaks up for herself, by the end of the scene she’s putting the ‘cow’ into cowed. Superman has brought Lois, Waller and Jimmy Olsen to his Fortress of Solitude fo […]

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Heroes in Crisis #7 review

Enough! I agree with Superman after reading this issue, a real step back from last month’s decent chapter. As originally announced, this number would have been the finale, but writer Tom King had two extra comics added to the run to, supposedly, go deeper into the story. Given this issue isn’t drawn by added artists […]

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Justice League #20 review

The Justice League members have been invited to the Sixth Dimension by a future version of Superman, just seconds after they saw the Clark they know step through a cosmic portal. Ten years from now, older versions of themselves say, all the planet’s problems have been conquered. Yes, everything is pretty darn peachy. Hawkgirl and […]

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Naomi #3 review

Looking for answers about her adoption, typical American teenager Naomi has broken into the garage of local mechanic Dee. A photograph of him in earlier days shows him with a woman who looks like her. Is he her father? What he is, is a former spy for Thanagar, stranded on Earth after a mission on […]

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Wonder Twins #2 review

In the Lexicon Prison and Call Centre, the super-villain who calls himself The Scrambler is demonstrating just why that is to a guard who gets too close. The bad guy is soon back on the streets. Later, members of the Morris High School Honours Club, including Justice League interns Zan and Jayna, are taken on […]

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Superman #8 review

‘North Americans don’t do irony.’ It’s a cliche, usually put about by pompous Brits (ahem). And it’s not really true. OK, Canada’s Alanis Morissette is the poster person for misunderstanding the term, but plenty of folks across the Pond get it just fine. Superman writer Brian Michael Bendis? I’m not so sure. ‘Dad, it was […]

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Supergirl #28 review

With Supergirl and the Omega Men out to bring him down, space scumbag Harry Hokum decides to send in the clones. Imperfect duplicates of Supergirl possessing part of her powers. Kara has faced terrible odds plenty of times but her quest to learn the truth behind Krypton’s destruction, supposedly at the hands of Rogol Zaar, […]

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Justice League #19 review

It’s a fine day in Metropolis. The Source Wall is broken, the Legion of Doom are trying to wake an elder god, but the Justice League members are smiling. And they have a plan. Facing incredible omniversal forces, who better to help than one of the most powerful beings in creation? As it happens, the […]

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