Superman #34 review

The Ulysses story continues with the new hero being introduced to his birth parents, the Quinns, who sent him off to another dimension because the world was ending, then, two minutes later, found it wasn’t. Oops. Bit of a parenting fail there.But Ulysses is an understanding fella, and he had a nice upbringing on the […]

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Supergirl #34 review

When is a SuperDoom crossover not a SuperDoom crossover? When it’s a superb issue of Supergirl written by Tony Bedard.  I wasn’t too hopeful going into this issue. Just look at that cover. It’s well drawn by Cameron Stewart and lushly coloured by Nathan Fairbairn, to be sure, but check out poor, sad Kara – if […]

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Multiversity #1 review

A few years ago DC published Final Crisis. This comic tells the story of the one after that. It mirrors the original Crisis on Infinite Earths by having heroes from parallel universes gathered in a Monitor satellite to be told by Harbinger that Something Awful is Coming.  It differs in that the writer behind this comic – […]

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Batman #34 review

After the long look back at Gotham that was Zero Year, this issue catches the book up to the events of DC’s weekly Batman Eternal series while introducing a new madman to the mythos.  The Meek is wandering Gotham, murdering the patients of Dr Leslie Thompkins, not because of her link to Batman but because […]

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Superman/Wonder Woman #11 review

Last week we had three chapters of Superman Doomed, two of them giant-sized. It was all too much, I couldn’t face reviewing them. A week later, there’s a single chapter and things seem more manageable.   We’re pretty much where we’ve been for the last several chapters – most of the people of Earth are […]

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Scooby-Doo Team-Up #10 review

The creatures of myth are on the loose and Mystery Incorporated are in the thick of it. Given that they’re visiting Paradise Island, it’s not so unexpected; what is weird is that the monsters are appearing, attacking … then vanishing as if they’d never been.  The opening instalment of this two-part “digital second’ story ended […]

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Grayson #2 review

Lor luv a duck, it’s those bloomin’ Yanks, writing about dear old Blighty again …Oh all right, the dialogue’s not too bad in this England-set issue, as Agent 37 – better known as Dick Grayson – decides the best way to blend in with the Leicestershire locals is to use his stunning facility with accents. […]

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