DC Retroactive 1970s Superman #1 review

Superman’s having a bad week in this DC Comics Retroactive special. Criminals are popping up when they shouldn’t, doing things that are beyond them – Metallo’s flying, Bizarro am speaking perfect English, that sort of thing. Lois Lane is annoyed at Superman paying attention to Lana Lang, Supergirl and Van-Zee think their Kryptonian cousin is super-cranky, Clark Kent’s colleagues […]

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Wonder Woman #613 review

It’s part 842 of the Odyssey story and the finish line is in sight. In this issue, Diana fights Nemesis, goddess of Exposition. Clad in Diana’s original form – the star-spangled heroine of the regular DC Universe – Nemesis battles the new model we’ve been following for the past year. And finally, readers get answers. […]

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SPECIAL GUEST POST: Barbarian #3 review

Now this is an odd little comic. Starting out as your average hack-n-slash barbarian vs sharp-toothed, purple-skinned monsters tale, complete with retro sound effects (I’ll see your ‘koom!’ and raise you a ‘rraar!’ and a ‘thawack!’), manga-style visuals and the odd hacked-off limb, it morphs into a cautionary sci-fi story where the big, scary monsters are actually saccharine-sweet, peace-loving veggie good […]

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Legion of Doom #2 review

Heatwave continues his bid to break out of flying prison the Hall of Doom, aided by Eel O’Brien, the stretchable stinker who hates to be known as Plastic Man. They battle unofficial prison guards Atomic Skull and Animal Man, and find out who’s controlling the executing Amazo android that put paid to KGBeast, Slipknot and […]

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Power Girl #26 review

Last month regular writer Judd Winick ended his current association with Power Girl with a story that paid tribute to Karen Starr, as a hero and a person. If the next two issues of the series, fill-ins before the post-Flashpoint DC Universe wipes out this book, were stinkers, we could easily pretend the comic ended […]

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Supergods review

SUPERGODS: Our World in the Age of the SuperheroBy Grant Morrison Jonathan Cape, 444pp, £17.99 HALFWAY through his memoir, Scottish comic book writer Grant Morrison – he’s just about to revamp Superman from the ground up for DC Comics – mentions going on holiday to Kathmandu. When he was there, he claims, beings from a […]

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