Action Comics #1053 review

It’s the third month of Action Comics’ new anthology format and the best issue yet. Starting with the Superman story – or really, the Super Family story – writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson and illustrator Rafa Sandoval do a great job of balancing scenes of intense drama with more personal moments. If you’re new to the […]

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Unstoppable Doom Patrol #1 review

The Doom Patrol have a mission – find the new ‘monsters’ of the DC Universe and save them from society. Because they’re not monsters, they’re victims of the Lazarus Planet event, ordinary people changed into something else by a magical resin. They may have great power, but with great power comes people wanting to exploit […]

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Superman #2 review

The Parasite is on the rampage. Actually, make that Parasites – where previously energy leech Rudy Jones would get bigger and scarier with each injection of life force, now he’s splitting into mini-mes. Think Multiplex with sharper teeth. It seems Parasite’s powers have been tweaked by the latest group of bonkers boffins to hit the […]

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Justice Society of America #3 review

The Huntress of decades from now has been bouncing around the timestream, watching various iterations of Dr Fate die. Now Helena Wayne is in 2023, facing contemporary Dr Fate and future JSA teammate Khalid Nassour and his Justice League Dark colleagues Deadman and Bobo the Detective Chimp. He’s understandably perturbed to learn Huntress has seen […]

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Scarlet Witch #3 review

Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, invites mistress of magnetism Polaris, aka Lorna Dane, to her new magic shop to check out a mystery stone. The rock repels magic and, having a doctorate in geophysics and decades in the superhero business, Lorna has more chance than most of working out what’s going on. That’s the Last […]

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The Flash #794 review

The Flash Family’s fightback against would-be world conquerors The Fraction continues. The heroes launched an assault on the aliens’ Earth HQ last issue and it was all going pretty swimmingly until Wally West was killed along the way. The surviving heroes aren’t giving up but having lost the element of surprise, the forces of The […]

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