Archie #1 review

Teenage sweethearts Archie Andrews and Betty Cooper have broken up. Their friends contrive to get them back together … all except Jughead.  And that’s the simple, but engaging, plot of the first instalment of the Archie revamp. Writer Mark Waid and artist Fiona Staples update the Riverdale gang, making the humour less gag and slapstick […]

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Saga #1 review

Love and war, they’re the concepts on which this new series from Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples is built. So while the details involve other worlds and alien races, the backdrop comprises notions we all understand instinctively. This first issue sees Marko and Alana become parents while on the run from the armies of […]

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Superman/Batman #79-80 review

Once upon a time DC’s editors were safe in assuming that their readership turned over every five years. That’s why the same storylines showed up again and again in the Golden and Silver Ages: Superboy gets a big brother, Lois gains super-powers, a new hero comes between Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman shrinks … That […]

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