Heroes in Crisis #5 review

The Sanctuary for distressed superheroes is no more, its promise of peace ruined by a killer. A killer of superheroes and the odd villain – Wally West Flash, Speedy, Poison Ivy and er… oh heck, I can’t remember. D-listers, mainly. The likes of Solstice and Protector – one obscure Teen Titan and a refugee from […]

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Action Comics #1007 review

Jimmy Olsen’s on a date. He’s in Seattle with new squeeze Ella, but he starts to wonder what kind of squeeze she’s out to put on him when she introduces him to her religion. The Daily Planet’s red-headed photographer manages to get some snaps and get the heck out, just before things go ‘boom’. We […]

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Shazam! #2 review

When your comic’s a month late but bears a seasonally specific image… bring on the creative cover copy! Oh well, if you wish it could be Christmas every day you’ll love this second issue of Geoff Johns’ 21st-century take on CC Beck and Bill Parker’s Marvel Family. That’s because it sees foster kids Billy, Mary, […]

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Naomi #1 review

Naomi lives in a small town in North America. One day Superman ‘passes through’. While pretty much everyone she knows catches a glimpse of the battle between the Man of Steel and alien dictator Mongul, Naomi somehow misses it. We don’t see the conclusion of the fight, but we do see the reactions of the […]

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Supergirl #26 review

I do like a natty dresser, so cosmic despot Harry Hokum’s style makes up for his daft name. Hokum is the guy who’s captured Kara as we rejoin her quest to learn the truth behind Krypton’s end. While Kara usually has an eye for fashion – she’s currently dragging a brand new wardrobe of super-suits […]

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Superman #7 review

Finally. After what feels like a lifetime of waiting we get the reunion of Superman and son Jon after the latter’s trip into space with his grandfather, Jor-El, and mother Lois. The dubious idea behind it was that the supposedly summer-long sortie would put Jon on the road to super-manhood. It seems to have been […]

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Young Justice #1 review

It’s just another day in Metropolis. A traffic cop wants a young woman to show what’s in the back of her pick-up… … and the sky opens, spewing terrifying figures into the city. Luckily, cowgirl Jinny has arrived in the big city on a day unlike any other… a day when Superman isn’t around, but […]

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Heroes in Crisis #4 review

So, what’s happening in DC’s big event? The first three issues told of how a bunch of superheroes were slaughtered at metahuman therapy centre Sanctuary and pointed towards Booster Gold and Harley Quinn as the likeliest of suspects. Here we get: One page of Tempest getting drunk in Hatton Corners, where Aqualad, Speedy and Robin […]

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