The Shield #1 review

DC’s Red Circle launch concludes with The Shield. It’s your standard ‘injured military man gets a special suit’ story, with loads of military speak which I found unintelligible and offputting. J Michael Straczynski gives us seven pages of Afghanistan action which I was just willing to end, so we could get our hero, Lt Joel […]

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Flash: Rebirth #4 review

That’s better. I’ve not been impressed with this mini to date, due to Barry Allen’s miserable nature and too much Speed Force nonsense – the force was never part of Barry’s legend, it was Wally’s thing, so I couldn’t see the sense of it in a Barry-centered book. But writer Geoff Johns does one of […]

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Fantastic Four #570 review

And . . . a new creative team brings me back to the Fantastic Four. The first thing I notice is that the smartarse, self-consciously ‘modern’ cover dress of the Millar/Hitch run has gone. Look at that lovely Seventies logo, complete with headshots! OK, so the cover line meant to entice us to buy is […]

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Wonder Woman #35 review

‘It’s like watching a ballet. With compound fractures!’ That’s how Black Canary wittily describes witnessing Wonder Woman fight in the conclusion to their two-part Tokyo romp. There’s never any real sense that Diana and Dinah are in danger from the supervillain fighting arena they enter – Dinah’s confidence ensures that. Canary knows that she and […]

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The Brave and the Bold #26 review

When he was alive Ray Walker preyed on the living. The Spectre put an end to him . . . or so he thought. But soon serial killer Walker is back and using his more-than-usual phantom strength to torment ghosts, vampires and other creatures of the night. Supernatural investigator Julian Parker asks his friend David […]

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The Web #1 review

Meet John Raymond, billionaire bad boy and secret hero. He’s putting his money into a new project. As the technologically advanced Web, he’s the man ready to help the public at the drop of an email. People in need can contact him via Are his intentions entirely altruistic or does he have another agenda? […]

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