Superman #689 review

As TV host Morgan Edge stirs up anti-Mon-El hatred, our hero leaves Metropolis for a world tour. He’s keen to see the sights before his predicted death from lead poisoning and en route meets not so much a ‘who’s who’ as a ‘who the heck?’ of DC’s international heroes. If they’re not unseen-for-years obscurities such […]

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Gotham City Sirens #1 review

Gotham City Sirens? Gotham City Tarts, going by that admittedly nicely rendered cover. I suppose you can’t fault the honesty – cheesecake title, cheesecake images – but can we keep the levels down? Cover artist Guillem March plays it a little looser inside, getting very cartoony at times, which suited the debut of rubbish wannabe […]

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Detective Comics #854 review

She’s the Batwoman . . . and she’s pale. Very pale. I suspect Kate Kane is wearing pancake make-up for her nights on the town, all the better to scare criminals, my dear. With ruby red lips, red wig stark against the black night, and that pale, pale skin, she’s a new ghost on the […]

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Wonder Woman #33 review

The injured Diana lands on Paradise Island, helps her mother, sisters and madwomen of the Circle fight the sea monsters of Euphemus, bests Ares, punches Zeus for making her sisters mortal and ousting his mother in favour of revived corpse guy Achilles, and quits the Amazon. The story ends with Head Circler Alkyone leering at […]

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Wonder Woman #600 campaign

She’s beaten everyone from the Cheetah to Darkseid but there’s one foe Wonder Woman is finding truly implacable – Dan DiDio. DC’s Executive Editor has so far resisted all calls to give the Amazon a 600th issue, reflecting her position in comics history – even though recent years have seen such books as Superman, Fantastic […]

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Mighty Avengers #26 review

Hank Pym continues his war on Reed Richards to regain a doohickey he needs to re-tether his interdimensional doorways to Earth. Hercules and Vision impersonate the Red Hulk and Red Ghost to distract the Thing and Human Torch. Stature tells all to her old friend the Invisible Woman. And the Mighty Avengers triumph. Well, it’s […]

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Supergirl #42 review

As a fella who gets bored with ‘iconic’ covers – heroes posing, nothing to do with any specific issue – I have to commend Joshua Middleton for trying something different this month. We have Supergirl travelling from Earth to New Krypton, a moment reflected inside, zooming over our heads. Even without being able to see […]

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Batman: Streets of Gotham #1 review

Here in Scotland there’s a pastime known as Munro bagging. Munros are mountains that are over 3000ft, of which there are hundreds, and the idea is to climb – or bag – every one. I suspect there’s a similar activity in Gotham City, Gargoyle Bagging. Why else does almost every third cover feature someone posing […]

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