Secret Avengers #20 review

Now here’s a real time twister. Black Widow stars in a done-in-one story that spans seconds, weeks and decades, depending on your perspective. Natasha Romanov’s perspective is that she’s going to undo the killings of Steve Rogers, War Machine and Sharon Carter after an assault on the Shadow Council goes wrong. The obvious thing to […]

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Secret Avengers #16 review

Deep under Cincinnati, something stirs. It’s a hidden city established, and abandoned, by the Secret Empire, and the Secret Avengers are investigating particles of Von Doom radiation, the telltale sign of the bad doctor’s time technology. The place seems deserted, but the heroes – Super-Soldier Steve Rogers, the Beast, Black Widow and Moon Knight – […]

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Valkyrie #1 review

If DC’s Donna Troy is the poster child for convoluted histories, she has a counterpart at Marvel in Valkyrie. The role of Norse handmaiden Brunnhilde has been borrowed or stolen by the villainous Enchantress, spoilt rich girl Samantha Parrington and tortured soul Barbara Norris. Wikipedia mentions another alter ego, Sian Bowen, of whom I’ve no memory, […]

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