Jimmy Olsen #1 review

Now this was worth waiting for. Nick Spencer’s take on Jimmy Olsen debuted in Action Comics last year when the book was running a back-up strip. After four superb instalments as previously praised here, also here and here the Jimmy Olsen’s Big Week serial was curtailed as price and page count fell. Well, here’s the rest of the story along […]

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Action Comics #896 review

Crivvens, there’s a lot going on this issue as the Secret Six bids to protect Lex Luthor from Vandal Savage. The immortal villain, you may recall, is trying to decipher the meaning of a prophecy that Lex will make him very happy. He’s focussing on Lex’s knowledge of the mysterious black spheres, which is the […]

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Action Comics #894 review

Lex Luthor is used to getting what he wants. But what happens when you meet someone over whom you have no power, someone you can’t threaten, someone who wants nothing from you? Someone who’s not really someone at all, but a concept – Death. That’s the fix Lex finds himself in this month, as his […]

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Action Comics #893 review

If anyone had told me years ago that Superman’s Action Comics would one day be a split title shared by Lex Luthor and Jimmy Olsen, I’d have laughed. But it’s happened, and I do laugh. But not at the notion, at the results. For the two strips in this issue are among the funniest DC […]

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