Superman #7 review

Finally. After what feels like a lifetime of waiting we get the reunion of Superman and son Jon after the latter’s trip into space with his grandfather, Jor-El, and mother Lois. The dubious idea behind it was that the supposedly summer-long sortie would put Jon on the road to super-manhood. It seems to have been […]

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Young Justice #1 review

It’s just another day in Metropolis. A traffic cop wants a young woman to show what’s in the back of her pick-up… … and the sky opens, spewing terrifying figures into the city. Luckily, cowgirl Jinny has arrived in the big city on a day unlike any other… a day when Superman isn’t around, but […]

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Heroes in Crisis #4 review

So, what’s happening in DC’s big event? The first three issues told of how a bunch of superheroes were slaughtered at metahuman therapy centre Sanctuary and pointed towards Booster Gold and Harley Quinn as the likeliest of suspects. Here we get: One page of Tempest getting drunk in Hatton Corners, where Aqualad, Speedy and Robin […]

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Action Comics #1006 review

It’s part six of the Invisible Mafia storyline and Superman gets a step or two closer to learning about Metropolis’ dark underbelly. The past few issues have seen a clutch of killings by new super-villain the Red Cloud, at the same time as the city has been hit an ardent arsonist. In this situation, it’s […]

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Freedom Fighters #1 review

It’s 1963 and the United States is under the boot of the Third Reich. Germany won the Second World War and a group of resistance fighters squirrelled away in the Texas Book Depository find a spark of hope in new visitors. It’s a light that is soon extinguished. The Spirit of America feels despair, but […]

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Aquaman #43 review

It’s a brand new day for Aquaman. Washed up on the shores of an unknown island after the Drowned Earth crossover, he’s been taken in by an old couple. Outside, a storm rages, and a young woman walks, scattering flowers over a dead rabbit. The Justice Leaguer has lost his memory, and no one seems […]

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