Manhunter 38 review

A few months ago I suggested that the sheer number of plotlines and characters wouldn’t help the back-from-cancellation Manhunter from finding new readers. * Sad to say, for whatever reason, this is the last issue. And dang it if it doesn’t show that creator Marc Andreyko can indeed turn in a script with lots of […]

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New Avengers 47

The hell? I bought this issue for the promise of a Hawkeye focus, and got an issue of Alias. And while I enjoyed Alias, it was of its time, and that was a time when Brian Michael Bendis’ never-ending back and forth chitchat seemed fresh. Now it reads like three-day old cheese; here a *!&$?, […]

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Manhunter 34 review

Kate Spencer continues her investigation into the murders of young women on the border between Mexico and Texas. Here she concludes her run-in with the Suicide Squad, is surprised by her Birds of Prey colleagues and discovers how complicated the situation truly is. Manhunter continues to be an intelligent, enjoyable read since its recent un-cancellation, […]

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