The Human Target #2 review

Christopher Chance has 11 days to live. Having accidentally imbibed poison meant for Lex Luthor, the Human Target is determined to solve the homicide before he signs off. Superhero medic Dr Mid-Nite has pinpointed the poison in his system as carrying extradimensional radiation linked to the ‘Bwah-Ha-Ha’ Justice League… was a rogue member trying to […]

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Deathstroke Inc #3 review

Deathstroke in armour, brandishing a sword and riding a unicorn? I am intrigued. And with the splash page, I’m all in. This is obviously going to be something different. Turn over, and we see that Deathstroke and new associate Black Canary are… negotiating with one of my favourite DC villains. Slade and Dinah are on […]

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The Flash #776 review

The cover image tells us this isn’t an average issue of The Flash – a massive head of Dr Fate pulling back Wally’s reality. Inside, Wally has just seen off an incursion into Keystone City by the dark god Eclipso and thought relaxation lay ahead. Nope, the Justice League Dark’s most mystical member needs help. […]

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Checkmate #6 review

Talia has betrayed Checkmate, she’s been revealed as working with Leviathan leader Mark Shaw. Manhunter Kate Shaw isn’t pleased. The Hall of Justice is in darkness, giving undercover Leviathan agent Whitney a chance to take control of the Heroes’ Network. Meanwhile, Mark Shaw is attacking Checkmate member Lois Lane and recently uncovered spy brother Leo. […]

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Commando #5483 review

‘The Ghoul Squad’ kicks off with a wagon train of peasants arriving at a Polish castle, seeking refuge from the elements. While most of the people are ushered into a large, dark chamber, the leaders are taken to meet the Nazi general who’s commandeered the castle. Meanwhile, a trio of soldiers who were hidden in […]

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Blue & Gold #4 review

Booster and Beetle’s new venture, Blue & Gold Restoration, is open for business. In a promotional exercise, the boys meet a TV reporter. Getting on to the subject of how the boys became friends, the accounts differ. They do, though, agree on who they were facing. And that’s the set-up for a thoroughly enjoyable issue […]

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The Thing #1

It’s a while since Ben Grimm has had a solo title, but he’s back for a mini-series courtesy of noted novelist Walter Mosley, illustrator Tom Reilly and colour artist Jordie Bellaire. And it’s a rewarding read, as the ever-loving, blue-eyed Thing has a pretty bad day. It begins with him returning from a fishing trip […]

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