Superman #17 review

Lois is in the big city and Clark is on a mission, leaving son Jon all alone. He’s gorging on ice cream while watching a creature feature. And while he’s faced real-life monsters, he’s a kid, he can get spooked.  It’s neighbour Kathy Branden, who wants helps to find her grandfather, Cobb, who’s not come […]

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Joe Golem #1 review

It’s 1955 in a New York like the one we know, but different in a fundamental way. The streets are submerged after a natural disaster 30 years before. The first three storeys of every building are flooded. The streets may be wet, but no one’s weeping – a tough lot, the New Yorkers who didn’t […]

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Batman Eternal #11 review

Well, that was unexpected.  After ten issues of typically intense Gotham action and character work, Batman Eternal takes a decidedly comic turn. And it works brilliantly. All credit to writer Tim Seeley and artist Ian Bertram for a story that reads and looks like nothing else in the Batman universe.   Oh sure, its use […]

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The Sandman: Overture #1 review

First DC gave us Before Watchmen, the prequels no one asked for, now here’s The Sandman: Overture, a far more appealing prospect. Where Watchmen was designed as a discrete entity, The Sandman always contained the promise of more stories. While the hardcore devotees ate up the sprawling, darkly twee likes of A Game of You, […]

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Batwoman #12 review

Still on the trail of Gotham’s missing children, Batwoman enlists the help of friendly were-beast Kyle Abbot. He leads her through an abandoned funhouse that’s anything but fun – they’re attacked by an urban legend come to life, Bloody Mary. They stop the legendary murderess, but fail to find the kidnapper Sune, aka Maro, ‘a […]

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Batwoman #5 review

Now if that isn’t the spookiest cover you’ll see this week, courtesy of JH Williams III … A spot of meditation helps Batwoman – ‘proud lesbian’ Kate Kane, as the page one legend so subtly puts it – realise how to stop the water spirit who’s been stealing Gotham children. She confronts the ghost, Maria, […]

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The Shade #4 review

You may recognise the old dear on Tony Harris’s witty cover (‘Stygian Darkness’ indeed!) as one of the most … singular … characters of the Golden Age. If you don’t, I’ll leave the details to come as a surprise when you read this comic. Because it’s not one to pass up. The Shade #4 is […]

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Batwoman #0 review

Well, it’s been a long wait, but months after vacating Detective Comics, Batwoman returns in her own book. It’s one of those annoyingly titled #0 issues, with #1 not due until February, but I’m glad to see Kate Kane back in the Gotham night. Greg Rucka having gone from DC, artist JH Williams takes up the […]

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