Legion of Super-Heroes #11 review

Following on from this month’s Legion of Super-Villains #1, Lightning Lass, Sun Boy, Phantom Girl, Wildfire, Ultra Boy, Tyroc and Colossal Boy help with the clean-up after Saturn Queen’s destruction of the prison on Takron-Galtos. Along with such old ‘friends’ as Tyr, we meet two new would-be LSV members, Fume and Frost. Elsewhere on the […]

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Flash: Rebirth #5 review

The eeeeevil Professor Zoom faces off against more good super-speedsters than you can shake a winged helmet at at an issue with the wow factor on pretty much every Flash-packed page. There are character moments, story revelations, costume changes, power tweaks . . . the speed trick writer Geoff Johns and artist Ethan Van Sciver […]

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