Action Comics #968 review

The original Man of Steel is trapped in an all-out brawl with the alien Zade after the mysterious Clark Kent activated the signal watch he gave him. Self-proclaimed Superman Lex Luthor, meanwhile, is having problems of his own.  That’s the Godslayer, who’s out to off Lex not because he is a god, but because he’s predicted […]

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Teen Titans #5 review

It’s Wally West to the rescue as the magical mannequins of Abra Kadabra aim to kill his Titans friend and once (and future?) wife Linda Park. Lilith, Aqualad, Donna Troy, Arsenal and Nightwing are all seconds away from death, and scattered around the US. Is even the Fastest Man Alive quick enough to save them?  […]

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Super Powers! #1 review

Aw yeah, Art Baltazar and Franco are back to play in the DC sandpit, with a new batch of adventures featuring Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman. We begin with Superman subbing for Batman, taking on dastardly villains for the absent Caped Crusader. And he’s not thrilled.  Whether Metropolis really has a better class of villain […]

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Aquaman #11 review

Aquaman is in bad shape. A battle with Shaggy Man has left him looking like Two-Face in scale-mail.  The good that’s come out of the situation, though, is that once again the world is recognising that he’s not an enemy of the US, but a hero. Which doesn’t please Black Manta, whose hostile takeover of […]

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Superman #11 review

The destinies of Jon Kent and Damian Wayne are entwined by the relationship of their fathers. But the kids known as Superboy and Robin haven’t been getting along, something Superman and Batman realise has to be rectified if they’re to be allies and, better yet, friends. So it’s boot camp, superhero style. The boys are dumped in […]

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Earth 2 Society #18 review

The Justice Society are doing a limbo dance after the Pandora Casket was opened. Something’s happened to their reality, making everything and everyone but them vanish. The outlines of buildings have been appearing, one or two members hear a voice counting down to some kind of ‘cohesion’… … and Sandman shades are attacking.  At its […]

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Mother Panic #1 review

The latest from DC’s Young Animal imprint, Mother Panic, centres on Violet Paige, Gotham celebrity and vigilante. She moves in the same circles as Bruce Wayne but isn’t a member of the Batman Family – her mission is her own.  What that is, exactly, we don’t learn in this first issue from writer Jody Houser […]

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Supergirl #3 review

The Cyborg-Superman claims he’s revived Argo City, far out in space. Supergirl knows he’s a killer robot, but also that he commands amazing technology. And he’s convinced her that he’s a transformed version of her father, Zor-El. She has to check his story out. But rather than fly off half cocked, she talks to her […]

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