Superman: Lois Lane #1

Once upon a time you could guarantee Lois Lane would be in pretty much every Superman story, as reporting rival, romantic partner or both. Since the 2011 relaunch Lois hasn’t been seen so much, with a steady boyfriend keeping her busy as Superman ‘enjoys’ a weird un-romance with Wonder Woman. I wouldn’t say Lois has […]

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The Green Team #1 review

In an abandoned Manhattan warehouse, the world’s richest teens gather. They’re at a ‘poxpo’ – a pop-up expo – at which inventors with lunatic, potentially great ideas show them off. And if they impress organiser Commodore Murphy, they’ll get the money to develop the products into a marketable state – and perhaps seriously rich. But […]

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Teen Titans #8 review

The creature called Harvest sets his lackey Omen onto the Teen Titans in his efforts to corrupt them into joining his Ravagers. Omen has the ability to manifest a person’s worst fear, breaking mind and body. This brings revelations both external and internal – Red Robin fears turning into a literal red robin; Wonder Girl […]

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Booster Gold #46 review

The fight with Doomsday in the World of Flashpoint continues, with Booster alone against the rampaging beast. It doesn’t look good, but this isn’t the same Doomsday as in the real timeline; this is a weaker version, a less wily beast. That fact, and Booster’s sheer grit, mean this is a battle he might win. […]

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Green Arrow Industries #1 review

In this Flashpoint one-shot there’s no super-heroic Green Arrow. Only dashing Ollie Queen, a businessman who’s hit on the idea of using tech confiscated from super-villains, developing it into even more terrifying weapons and selling it on to governments. Nice guy. Well, he thinks so. His security chief, Roy Harper, isn’t so sure. He thinks […]

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Grodd of War #1 review

As Aquaman holds forth over continental Europe, and Wonder Woman bestrides the UK, Super-Gorilla Grodd rules over the entire continent of Africa. But, as the witty opening to this story makes clear, while the rest of the world cowers from Atlanteans and Amazons, few people even know his name.   Clever as the opening is, […]

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