FF #2 review

The Fantastic Four were only supposed to be gone for four minutes. As the deadline comes and goes, with no return of Ben, Johnny, Sue and Reed, the replacement FF get to know the Future Foundation kids. And a villain comes a-calling. This is more like it. After a slow introduction via Fantastic Four #1-2 […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #15 review

An eerie voice wakes sleeping Legionnaire Glorith and bids her follow their words. In a daze, she enters a glowing cloud and finds herself in Barcelona, and attacked by a mob whose members want to burn her for the witch that she is. Back at headquarters the next morning, pals Dragonwing and Chemical Kid are […]

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Wonder Woman #15 review

I checked out of this Wonder Woman series a few months back, but couldn’t resist checking back in for the debut of Orion of the New Gods in DC’s New 52 continuity. Nothing much seems to have changed while I’ve been away: Diana is still following her fellow demi-god brother Lennox around like a clueless […]

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Legion Lost #15 review

One more issue and this book is gone. I can stand it. Not just because the Legion of Super-Heroes is meant to to be the 31st century’s biggest team, so splitting off members and dumping them in the 21st century harms the concept. The main reason is because, more often than not, this series is […]

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Superboy #15 review

Superboy is dying after being assaulted by supposed Kryptonian H’el. Superman takes him to the Fortress of Solitude where scientific advisors Cyborg and Dr Veritas puzzle over Superboy’s three strands of DNA. They’re breaking down, leading Superman to suppose that his Kryptonian armour might boost Superboy’s healing the way it did his own, years ago. […]

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Batman #15 review

Stop me if you’ve heard this one … The Joker can do anything he likes in Gotham City. He can stand in front of a bunch of Gotham cops after massacring their brothers, and not be shot on sight. He can have his men ambush said cops with explosives. He can waltz into Arkham Asylum […]

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Avengers Arena #1 review

Sixteen young heroes, kidnapped by Arcade and taken to the new Murder World. In 30 days, just one will walk out alive. The rest will either have been killed by the villain’s traps – or one another. Or so Arcade says. Any hero familiar with the man won’t be shaking in their boots, as in […]

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Action Comics #15 review

… or Mrs Nyxly Explains It All. There’s an awful lot of exposition this issue, but it’s anything but awful, as Clark Kent’s landlady, recently revealed as an emigree from the Fifth Dimension, gives him the big picture. In a truly fascinating instalment we see Superman on the roof of her building, remembering the confrontation […]

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Thunderbolts #1 review

The Punisher is in trouble, tied up in a New York warehouse as someone sends his picture and location to hundreds of local mobsters. His only way out is to accept the offer of the man with the phone – General Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross. The situation is set up on page one, the decision made […]

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Human Bomb #1 review

Former marine Mike Taylor has a recurring nightmare: he’s at the White House, receiving the Medal of Honor, when energy seeping from him blows everyone up. In his day job as a construction worker at Ground Zero, he’s idolised by colleagues, who are impressed that he’s due to meet the President in a couple of […]

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