Suicide Squad #5 review

Jog is on the run. Seared by a bomb rigged by Captain Boomerang, the speedster is in big trouble. A member of the new Suicide Squad, he’s been tasked with capturing former conscript Boomerang, but the old Flash Rogue proves wilier than expected. Jog, though, has teammates looking out for him and soon ‘Boomerbutt’ is […]

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Supergirl #41 review

‘Make it STOP!’ yells Supergirl on the cover of her penultimate issue. After reading it, I know how she feels… We start with a flashback to Krypton’s final day, as young Kara is distracted by a planet-quake. In the present, Supergirl is finally free from the infection of the Batman Who Laughs… she hopes. Off […]

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Underrated – Legion Lost

Twenty years ago, several members of the Legion of Super-Heroes were lost in space. And time. Actually, that statement doesn’t do the extent of the their problems justice; they’ve been flung outside of reality itself, with no landmarks to help resident genius Brainiac 5.1 even begin to plot a way back. They do, though, gain […]

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Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #5

Diana is asked by the FBI to prevent an assassination at a conference, and her magic lasso persuades the broker behind it to reveal who’s going to be taking aim… … Deadshot! His years with the Suicide Squad mean Floyd Lawton is used to fighting more powerful people and he manages to get away from […]

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Metal Men #6 review

That’s a striking cover. No Metal Men stretching and pounding elemental foes. Just Platinum, looking out at us, her mirror, as she applies lipstick, apparently for the first time. There’s a climatic moment in the classic Powell and Pressburger film when a young nun, driven mad by Himalayan isolation, embraces the womanhood she’s been forced […]

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Lois Lane #10 review

Now things get interesting. I enjoyed the first couple of issues of this maxi-series a lot, but as the months passed my grasp of what the story actually was became less firm. I wasn’t sure there was a story there at all. Subplots that seemed important vanished for months on end. Characters would come on […]

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