Batman #2 review

New heroes on the block Gotham and Gotham Girl are chasing down Solomon Grundy, but not doing very well.  It takes Batman to stop the rampaging swamp monster. Gotham asks Batman to help them become better heroes. They get a chance later when a man who claims to have freed Grundy to go crazy in […]

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Batman #1 review

Na-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da BatMaths! That’s what this issue hinges upon as a missile fired by a Kobra cultist looks set to bring a plane down in the centre of Gotham. Batman may be able to send it somewhere less populated, but it’s a question of maths.  Helping Batman out are Alfred, with facts, and new sidekick Duke […]

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Superman/Wonder Woman #8 review

After his Alaskan sojourn in Action Comics #31, and his changing metabolism having barred him from the Fortress of Solitude, Superman has retreated to his Metropolis apartment. There he sits in the dark, brooding. A concerned Wonder Woman tracks him down and is perturbed – but not frightened – by the changes the Doomsday virus […]

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Superman/Wonder Woman #1 review

Wonder Woman and Superman are dating and while they’d like a nice dinner and some snogging, the superhero life tends to get in the way. So it is that a quiet night at Diana’s London flat is interrupted by a call to Norway, where an unnatural storm threatens sea traffic. Superman is confident he can […]

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