The Flash #1 2022 Annual

It’s been awhile, but the Flash, Wally West, finally knows wife Linda has super-speed. What neither of them know is why. A possible answer does present itself in this issue. But first, Wally has a read of the novel Linda is about to have published. It’s a romance, following its main character, Beth, in the […]

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Damage Control #1 review

One day in New York, Damage Control’s Bart Rozum has a casual interview with would-be worker Gus. Before informing Gus of the current status of Damage Control, Bart impresses him with his closeness to Moon Knight. Well, tries to.. Despite not being particularly excited about working for Damage Control, Gus gets the intern position. Soon […]

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Action Comics #1046 review

Steel is the star of the gorgeous cover by Lucio Parrillo, bringing his technical genius to bear on the Genesis Fragment, ‘watched’ by Superman. Inside, Steel is one of the Super Family members taking on supervillain Conduit, who has grabbed the aforementioned MacGuffin needed by Steel and Lois Lane to save alien refugee Thao-La. While […]

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The Flash #785 review

For the last few issues we’ve had three teams from the Flash Family on three parallel Earths looking for the supposedly dead Barry Allen in a Dark Crisis tie-in. Wally and Ace are in a seemingly idyllic world where Barry Allen has indeed been exiled by the madman Pariah. Wally’s kids, Irey and Jai, are […]

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Naomi Season Two #6 review

‘It all ends here!’ yells our heroine on the cover of the final episode of her second mini-series. Well, kind of. The big fight that’s occupied the last few issues ends, but the book closes with Naomi off on a new mission. Then again, that’s comics, the neverending battle and all that. I do like […]

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Superman: Son of Kal-El #14 review

In which Lois Lane exposes Henry Bendix’s trade in superhuman living weapons to the world. The Gamorran leader prepares for a siege. Young Superman Jon Kent’s new allies the Revolutionaries get a talk on heroism. Another hero joins the campaign to topple Bendix. And Jay acquits himself rather well in his first outing as superhero […]

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