Commissioner Gordon #1 review

An attack by Mr Freeze on Gotham City helps Jim Gordon accept that Batman is dead and leads his police force to rededicate itself to the protection of Gotham’s citizens. Those are the bones of the issue, the meat is a fast-moving, efficient script from Royal McGraw which shows us that Gordon doesn’t always need […]

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Superman #686 review

The Worlds of New Krypton mini-series is up and running as Superman’s home for the new year, so Superman’s home book gets some new stars. The Guardian and Mon-El step up to watch over the City of Tomorrow and this issue represents the ground floor of their tenure. And as depicted by penciller Renato Guedes […]

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Oracle: The Cure #1 review

This is branded with the Battle for the Cowl banner but aside from being set in current Gotham City, it so far has little to do with the current Bat-books storyline. Which is fine by me, as I can’t recall Barbara Gordon having a book to herself since a Batgirl special, just before the Crisis, […]

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Wonder Woman #30 review

Finally. It’s Part 5 of Rise of the Olympian and at last the Olympian does indeed rise. It happens in a fine sequence that shows Zeus at his creepy best, laying down the law about what type of champion the reborn Achilles will be (I’m assuming it’s the Achilles of classical Greece, following a comment […]

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X-Factor 41 review

For the past couple of months writer Peter David has been trying to up X-Factor sales with shocking surprises. Well, this month he pulls off the biggest trick of all – he makes me like Longshot. Yes, the mullet-cursed Eighties holdout gets some great dialogue and charms me with a gag. Then David, on a […]

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Amazing Spider-Man 588 review

This is part 4 of 4 of the Character Assassination storyline, but it’s more than that; it’s the wrapping up of the first batch of plotlines since Brand New Day began bringing us an almost weekly Spidey book. That’s over 40 issues and editor Steve Wacker and his assistants deserve a big spider-tracer on the […]

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Outsiders 16 review

There aren’t many times when it pays off for a comics fan to be a big old musicals nerd as well. But Outsiders 16 could be one of those. For as our new team attends a German mining disaster, field leader Geo Force asks Halo to go to the surface and speak to survivors. Katana […]

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