Thunderstrike #1 review

It’s Thunder Trike, the super hero who roars into battle on a tricycle! Or maybe just the guy with badly placed cover art. In the 1990s, when heroes weren’t donning metallic versions of their union suits, they were running into copycats – Captain America had USAgent, Iron Man had War Machine and Thor had … […]

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Batman and Robin #17 review

If this is a fill-in, could we put off the main event another couple of years? Paul Cornell takes over as Batman and Robin writer for three issues and produces an instant classic, honouring the tradition of entertainingly psychotic villains while somehow managing to find an original angle. What that is, I won’t spoil, as […]

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Chaos War: Alpha Flight #1 review

I loved the original run of Alpha Flight, Canada’s super-team. Writer/artist John Byrne gave us a book in which the characters were new enough, the action far away enough from the rest of the Marvel Universe that anything could happen. Characters changed, left, loved, died … and then Byrne went too, and the book was […]

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Batwoman #0 review

Well, it’s been a long wait, but months after vacating Detective Comics, Batwoman returns in her own book. It’s one of those annoyingly titled #0 issues, with #1 not due until February, but I’m glad to see Kate Kane back in the Gotham night. Greg Rucka having gone from DC, artist JH Williams takes up the […]

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As Marvel’s Year of the Women counts down its final days, She-Hulk fans again have a reason to visit their local comic book shop. She-Hulks #1 kicks off a four-issue mini-series dealing with the after-effects of the recent World War Hulks saga. The story stands up well on its own without the need to read […]


Superman/Batman #78 review

This issue opens with shocking scenes as Superman and Batman are seen engaging in brutal conflict. The narration doesn’t shy from letting us know things aren’t as they seem, and we’re soon shown that the fights are the imaginings of two boys engaging in a game of ‘Who would win’?  And that’s basically it for […]

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Friend of Dorothy #1 review

If you’re like me and can’t watch The Wizard of Oz without suffering weeks of nightmares involving flying monkeys and cackling green women, this latest spin on the favourite tale could open a whole new seam of bad dreams. For it feature scarecrows that have more in common with J-horror than Ray Bolger. I swear, […]

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