Justice League #1 review

Say hello to the New DC Universe. Tweaked costumes, younger heroes, different relationships …. it’s bound to be a bumpy ride, but that’s not so bad in the superhero genre. DC kicks off with its big guns book, hoping the traditional combination of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and the rest draws us in … […]

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Flashpoint #5 review

It’s the end … and the beginning. DC’s summer event closes the door on one chapter of the DC Universe and begins a new one, as the Flash, Barry Allen, changes the timeline. A lot of this issue is fighting of the kind we’ve gotten used to over the past few months. Amazons attack, Atlanteans […]

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Teen Titans #100 review

It’s the fight no one demanded, Superboy Prime vs the Teen Titans. Time and time again Prime has been defeated, placed in an ‘ultimate prison’, depowered, whatever … but he keeps coming back. DC writers just love him, with this month’s fan being JT Krul. He’s allied Prime with a Legion of Doom comprising villainous […]

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Batman Incorporated #8 review

Twenty years ago DC Comics brought out Digital Justice, in which a computerised Batman takes on a Joker virus. Or so Wikipedia tells me – I never read the book. The Tron-like set-up, and the promise of computerised art, just put me off. I’m no fan of video games so stories centred on such realms […]

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Wonder Woman #614 review

It’s been the longest storyline in Wonder Woman history, and possibly the worst. Despite bright spots from writer Phil Hester, J Michael Straczynski’s Odyssey has been a mess, trying to ‘fix’ the character not by focusing on what originally made her popular back in the Forties – a mix of  fantasy and reality, a dose of […]

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Daredevil #2 review

Daredevil is back from temporary exile and Captain America wants him to answer for the Shadowland incident, in which DD set himself up as a ninja overlord. Daredevil was possessed by a rare devil at the time, and would rather forget the whole thing. After a fight, Cap agrees to give his old mucker DD […]

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Superboy #11 review

Inside, there’s also Psionic Lad, would-be assassin turned pal. Together they help the Phantom Stranger see off black magician Tannarak and his Hollow Men, reuniting the people of Smallville with their souls. That’s not bad for 20 pages. Not that it’s easy – Lori and Simon must fight off the Parasite inside the barn while […]

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Tiny Titans #43 review

Two things are stopping the Tiny Titans becoming the Justice League. First, they’re tiny. Not much they can do about that. The second matter, though – the lack of ‘cool costumes’ – can be sorted. Simply borrow one from the grown-ups. So Superboy pops off to the Fortress of Solitude where the Phantom Zone villains […]

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