Green Lantern #50 review

Here comes Mr Jordan. And Mr Jordan. It’s Hal Jordan vs Hal Jordan. Green Lantern against Parallax. The former, wielder of a gauntlet of power containing the energy of a dozen Oan rings. The latter, living conduit of 3600 of the trinkets.  So of course, Gauntlet Hal wins.  Let’s backtrack. Parallax is the Hal of […]

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The Flash Annual #3 review

Initial impressions count. As we meet Wally West properly for the first time, he’s spraying a wall with anti-Flash graffiti. His first words on-panel are ‘Screw you, man!’                            Remind you of anything? Yep, the intro of the New 52 Wally West, who […]

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The Flash #30 review

The new Flash creative team of writers Robert Venditti & Van Jensen, and penciller Brett Booth debut and straight away … dismay me. They open with a flashforward to five years in the future, when things are looking distinctly gloomy for our hero because, well, don’t they always? I really don’t care what’s happening with […]

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