Action Comics #1008 review

The Department of Extranormal Oprations has drafted a new agent. Adam Strange, son of Earth, hero of Rann, reports to acting chief Mr Bones. Adam barely has time to start a conversation than a mystery figure shows up. And blows up. Elsewhere, Amanda Waller of Task Force X shows up for a meeting with military […]

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Heroes in Crisis #6 review

It’s therapy session time at Sanctuary. Time-tossed Teen Titan Gnarrk, mentally malfunctioning ‘villainess’ Harley Quinn and reality-ripped Flash Wally West are, separately, considering the same question. How many people have they saved? Why the resident AI at the refuge set up by Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman wants to know this, isn’t clear. Still, off […]

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Avengers: No Road Home #2 review

The Gods of Olympus are dead. The reborn Mother of Night, Nyx, came for for revenge on Zeus, who imprisoned her aeons ago. The newest Avenger, Voyager, has gathered together a team of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – Vision, Scarlet Witch, Spectrum, Hulk, Hercules and Hawkeye. Guardian of the Galaxy member Rocket Racoon, who happened to […]

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Naomi #2 review

In which our heroine asks mysterious mechanic Dee how he knows the date of her adoption and what else he knows. That, as they say, went well. Later, she tackles her parents. Not much there either. Which pretty much sums up this issue, which is a classic example of the type of decompression I thought […]

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Wonder Twins #1 review

Zan and Jayna, teenagers from the planet Exxor, are spending time on Earth. They’ve been learning about their new home for six months and are ready to try a US high school. Jayna has signed up for extracurricular activities… … while Zan doesn’t quite get Show & Tell. When not at their apparently peculiar school, […]

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Supergirl #27 review

Deep in outer space, Krypto is in trouble. Happily, Supergirl’s new friend, Znd’r Kol, is determined to save the Dog of Steel… even if it upsets his mother. On the other side of the warship, Kara fights with the Omega Men to save captive extraterrestrials from an army of evil empire The Citadel, helmed by […]

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Happy St Valentine’s Day, Brainy

It’s Valentine’s Day so how about a spot of comic book romance? Doomed comic book romance, as Brainiac 5 mourns the loss of Supergirl in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Meanwhile, in November 1985’s Legion of Super-Heroes #16, Polar Boy and the new batch of recruits are on their first mission. As for the longtime members, […]

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Superman #8 review

Deep in the Bermuda Triangle, in the new Fortress of Solitude, Superman, Lois and robot major domo Kelex are running tests on Jon Kent. He’s come back from what was meant to be a summer trip to outer space several years older and, understandably, there are concerns. While he’s lying under an array of sensors, […]

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Man and Superman review

It’s Clark Kent’s first day in Metropolis and he’s getting a real buzz from being in the big city of his dreams. Little by little, the sheen comes off. First, the great apartment he’s found online turns out to be a bug hotel. Then he finds the city is being hit by a bombing campaign, […]

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The Green Lantern #4 review

Last issue ended with Hal killing an intergalactic slave trader, claiming it was self-defence; it wasn’t. This month the book opens on a hypnotically beautiful alien world, where an insectoid being is trying to negotiate survival with a female humanoid. She wants entrance to a vault the native creatures jealousy guard. She also has a […]

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