Justice League #30 review

‘Lex Luthor saves the world’. That’s the Daily Planet headline following the routing of the Crime Syndicate. The Justice League’s stock has fallen in the public eye, so should they accept the newly feted Lex Luthor’s request to allow him to join? As he says, he is now one of the world’s greatest superheroes. He’s […]

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Justice League #29 review

When DC launched in 2011 Justice League was the first title off the blocks. Now here’s the 29th issue as the rest of the original New 52 survivors are about to hit #31. That’s what being knee-deep in crossovers gets you.  Never mind, #29 is here, and with it the new Metal Men’s battle against […]

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Justice League #27 review

Of all the Geoff Johns comics in the world, this may be the Geoff Johnsiest.  Old hero gets a scrub-up? Check.  Big storyline treads water? Check.  A secret room has a secret room? Check.  Old-time supervillain is the voice of reason. Check.  Props from previous comics continuity show up in the background? Check.  Characters created […]

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