Murderworld: Spider-Man #1 review

Did you know that when Arcade isn’t tossing superheroes around giant pinball machines he’s running a Squid Game-style TV show on the dark web? One hundred civilians willingly take on odds of 99-1 that they’ll survive Arcade’s twisted toys – and each other – to take home a big cash prize. We didn’t know about […]

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Action Comics #1050 review

There are two ways to do a special number issue – an anthology of stories by creators not identitied with the series, or a big event. Here we have the latter, as Lex Luthor puts a rather powerful genie back in the bottle – public knowledge of Superman’s secret identity. How does Lex manage the […]

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Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 review

Loads of heroes fight loads of villains. The darkness inside Pariah jumps from Deathstroke to Nightwing. Black Adam shares his power to enable the heroes to resist corruption by Pariah’s darkness The newly amped Dr Light and the Flashes do… something. And the new multiverse of multiverses stands. In the aftermath, the back-from-the-not-quite-dead Justice League […]

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Dark Crisis: Big Bang #1 review

‘I’m looking for the man who murdered me’, Flash Barry Allen tells Kid Flash Wallace on the splash page. The line makes for a dramatic opening, but it’s a tad defused when, a couple of pages later, we get this. I admit, I can’t remember how Barry came back from the dead about 15 years […]

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Superman: Son of Kal-El #18 review

It’s the final issue of Jon Kent’s series, but if you’re expecting loose ends to be wrapped up, forget it, with story threads continuing into the upcoming Action Comics #1050. Chief among them, the threat of new villain Red Sin, who last issue blasted Jon and took away his powers. It’s not stated how until […]

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Dark Crisis: War Zone #1 review

Here isn’t a bad idea for a comic – five stories from the Dark Crisis battlefield. There’s Jim Corrigan racing towards the possessed-by-evil Spectre in the hope he can reunited with the Spirit of Vengeance who used to share his body, and help him regain control. Frank Tieri gives Corrigan a ‘tougher’ voice than usual […]

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Monkey Prince #9 review

Another day, another city for Marcus Shugel-Shen, who’s been moving around the DC Universe since learning he’s the Monkey Prince, son of a Chinese deity. Taking him places are adoptive parents Laura and Winston who are geniuses, but pretty stupid. Stupid because they waste their intellects as henchpeople for super criminals. They also risk their […]

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