The Wrong Earth #3 review

Two superheroes and two supervillains of parallel worlds have swapped places. Dragonflyman of Earth Alpha is getting used to Earth Omega, while Dragonfly of Earth Omega… well, you get the picture. The device that saw them accidentally move worlds is a magic mirror belonging to their number one foe, named, funnily enough, Number One. There’s […]

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Too Lobo for Heretical Jargon

Image borrowed from Chris Sims’ Invincible Super-Blog The second episode of Jimmy Trapp’s Heretical Jargon podcast sees Jimmy and me chatting about current comics, orphaned superheroes, Peanuts, favourite creators and characters, Martian Manhunter … and we find out what happens when one of us dares to express dislike for Lobo.I’ve never been on a podcast before, so I’d […]

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Word balloon busting

Jimmy Quentin Trapp of the Heretical Jargon Podcast has asked me on the show this coming Saturday to talk comics. Well, I shall do my best. It’d be great if you tuned in, and maybe took part too – details here.

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