Aquaman Rebirth #1 review

Members of an Atlantean terror cell are making their way to the United States, determined to destroy a city. The Deluge have no real grudge with the surface dwellers, they simply resent that their king, Aquaman, cares as much about the people of dry land as he does those beneath the waves. With back-up from […]

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Batman and the Outsiders 12 review

‘AN OUTSIDER DIES’ screams the cover. ‘No one cares,’ sighs the reader. Seriously, there are a few Outsiders who have maintained a presence in the DCU in between this book’s many cancellations because they bring something different to the party. Katana (tempestuous mystical swordswoman), Metamorpho (conflicted chemical king, Geo Force (mass-moving prince) . . . […]

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