Age of Ultron #10 review

The Avengers fight the Intelligentsia, a spaceknight turns into Ultron, Hank Pym defeats said mad robot with a computer virus and psychology, the Age of Ultron is averted. And time breaks. Thus concludes another Marvel event. Or rather, ‘concludes’. The main focus of the story, the alternate world created by Ultron, is tied up, but […]

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Secret Avengers #20 review

Now here’s a real time twister. Black Widow stars in a done-in-one story that spans seconds, weeks and decades, depending on your perspective. Natasha Romanov’s perspective is that she’s going to undo the killings of Steve Rogers, War Machine and Sharon Carter after an assault on the Shadow Council goes wrong. The obvious thing to […]

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Moon Knight #1 review

I do like an ending that turns a debut issue on its head. Heroes for Hire had one recently. In the Nineties, Thunderbolts had the best ever. And there’s a twist in this latest phase of Moon Knight, an interesting wrinkle that was, sadly, given away in publicity for the series. I might have guessed […]

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