Blue Beetle 36 review

Blue Beetle buzzes off with this issue after a respectable three-year run. That’s respectable so far as the amount of issues published is concerned. In terms of quality, the book’s been far beyond respectable – it’s been consistently excellent (hey, editor Rachel Gluckstern, take a bow!). And writer Matthew Sturgess and the rest of the […]

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Wonder Woman 29 review

Despite the cover, Genocide doesn’t appear in this issue. No complaints from me, as she’s had plenty of panel time of late, beating Diana twice, so far. I don’t doubt Diana will overcome her in the end; meanwhile, it’s good to catch up with other aspects of this storyline. Namely, Jason and the Zombienauts vs […]

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Mighty Avengers 22 review

There are some images that become instant classics. The Fantastic Four joining hands as they vow to stay together. Kingdom Come Superman catching a lightning bolt. Phoenix rising for the first time. And now, Hank Pym fixing Jocasta with his power tool (click to >ahem< enlarge). If that doesn't give you nightmares, you're made of […]

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Outsiders 15 review

Oh, I do love to be surprised. Last week I was rather doubtful that the latest Outsiders revamp would be for me*, but here’s the first issue and it bodes very well for the future. The special saw Alfred, post Batman’s supposed death, accept his request to put together a new version of the Outsiders, […]

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Birds of Prey 127 review

It’s bye-bye birdies week at DC, with the Birds of Prey following Robin’s example by flying the coop. And while Tim Drake’s upcoming changes can be seen as a story-led evolution of the character, the Birds’ goodbye feels forced. Sure, writer Tony Bedard does as good a job as probably anyone could in the circumstances, […]

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Robin 183 review

Artist Freddie Williams II marks Robin’s final issue with an acknowledged homage to Brian Bolland’s cover for Tim Drake’s first mini series, back in 1991. It’s a smart piece of work, amply demonstrating that Tim Drake looks loads better in his Neal Adams outfit than the recently tweaked version. That was the idea, wasn’t it? […]

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X-Factor 40 review

Last issue had one of the most unexpected turn of events I’ve ever seen in comics and writer Peter David, in a note preceding the story, asked readers not to spoil it online. I could live with that – if potential readers hear a buzz about an issue, but don’t know the details, they may […]

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War of Kings?

Attack of the arses, more like. What are Crystal and Lilandra doing? Apart from putting their backs out. Well done Brandon Peterson, you must be proud.

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R.E.B.E.L.S. 1 review

Over the last few years it’s been the habit of Legion of Super-Heroes writers to characterise Brainiac 5 as snooty and manipulative. Well, that’s not Brainy at all. That’s his ancestor Vril Dox, a character so much fun that after his titles, L.E.G.I.O.N. and R.E.B.E.L.S. were cancelled in the Nineties, writers grafted his personality on […]

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Batman 686 review

‘Whatever happened to the Caped Crusader?’ That’s the question Neil Gaiman challenges us to work out in a two-part, extra-length story. And at first, it seems obvious. Batman is in the Dreaming, or he’s dead and with Death of the Endless. Both these scenarios are denied as an unseen Batman questions his unknown guide. Gaiman […]

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