The Terrifics #2 review

Plastic Man, Metamorpho and Mr Terrific are lost in the ‘Dark Multiverse’. They’ve come across a young girl, Linnya Wazzo, whose natural ability to become a phantom has stalled. As they’re wondering about the holographic image that’s appeared before them of one Tom Strong, Linnya explains how she got there.  Travelling between the worlds of […]

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Batman #43 review 

Batman is in hospital. He persuaded Poison Ivy to kill him with a single blow… the mistress of plants was possessing Superman at the time.  She’s still controlling him as this issue begins, along with pretty much anyone on the planet who’s recently eaten vegetables. That’s several billion people. Her concentration is, it’s fair to […]

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Superman #43 review

At her farm outside smalltown Hamilton, alien orphan Kathy – best pal of Jonathan Kent – is being watched.  In Metropolis, a little later, Lois and Clark Kent are settling down for some TV.  As for Jon, he has an unexpected visitor.  Boyzarro seems scary. Can the Boy of Steel calm him down long enough […]

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Introducing, Captain Britain!

I’m old, you know. So old that I was there when Marvel UK debuted its first original character, Captain Britain, back in the Seventies. And a couple of years later I was there when he made his US comics debut, courtesy of two memorable issues of Marvel Team-Up by Chris Claremont and John Byrne. Siskoid, […]

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Action Comics #999 review 

Guess who’s coming to dinner? General Sam Lane, formerly estranged father of Lois, grandfather to Jon and father-in-law to Clark Kent. He gets a welcome from Jon, who’s excited to meet his second granddad in as many months, while Lois is a tad more cautious. Until recently, she’s not seen her father in years. They […]

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