Action Comics #1014 review

Some people read Action Comics and dream of being Superman, high-flying hero of millions. Me, I want to be ageing newsman Perry White. This week, anyway, as he finally meets the new owner of the Daily Planet. An actual increase in the editorial budget? That never happens in this age of abandoned print editions and […]

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Superman #14 Review

The shadow of a Thanagarian spacecraft falls on Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, Zod and Superdog. It presages a gathering of universal powers, and the members of the House of El want answers. Flashback to a day earlier. Safe on Jor-El’s ship, Kal, Kara, Jon and Krypto watch as the uneasy alliance between Kryptonian survivors Dru-Zod and […]

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Detective Comics #1009 review

That’s a heck of a cover from illustrator Doug Mahnke, colourist David Baron and the DC production department, with Mr Freeze icing up the mag’s logo to celebrate the Year of the Villain. Inside, Victor Fries barely appears – he’s confined to a two-page addendum after the meat of the issue concludes, working on his […]

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Powers of X #2 review

Jonathan Hickman is writing two fortnightly X-Men books, with each informing the other. And a pattern is emerging. House of X is a fun comic, Powers of X is the homework. And so it is that today’s issue of Powers of X ran the gamut from intriguing to dull, proving occasionally hard work. The first, […]

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Event Leviathan #3 review

In Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, the self-proclaimed ‘world’s greatest detectives’ gather to solve the mystery of Leviathan, the shadowy figure who’s been taking down the planet’s most powerful security and criminal organisations. Some time earlier, Jason Todd, the anti-hero known as the Red Hood, is leaping off a city roof, chased by those same superheroes […]

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Dear Justice League review

Superman is opening his Metropolis Mailbag. Once upon a time, that meant a literal sack of handwritten letters but today the post arrives faster than a speeding bullet, directly on to Superman’s mobile phone. Oops. Oh well, not even a Justice League member can win them all. At the Hall of Justice, after a run-in […]

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Future Foundation #1 review

In an ideal world Marvel would wave a magic wand and the Power Pack kids would be de-aged and reunited to star in a new comic. We’re not getting that but Future Foundation does give us a couple of them, now Julie Power, aka Lightspeed, has joined brother Alex as joint head of Reed Richards’ […]

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