Titans #11 review

Years ago, young supervillain Grant Wilson, the Ravager, died while operating as an agent of the HIVE. His father Slade, aka Deathstroke the Terminator, blamed the Titans, who were fighting Grant at the time.  Today, the Titans are again fighting HIVE operatives.  At least they think they are. It turns out they’re imposters, hired to, […]

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Teen Titans #6 review

The big deal this issue is the addition of new Aqualad Jackson Hyde to the book. He’s front and centre on the main cover by penciller Khoi Pham and colourist Jim Charalamipidis. He shares the spotlight on Chris Burnham and Nathan Fairbairn’s variant with Starfire. And the story officially starts, with the title and credits, […]

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Green Arrow Rebirth #1

Remember Sam Beckett of Quantum Leap, whose mission was to put right what once went wrong? That’s what this DC Rebirth issue is all about, as writer Ben Percy and artist Otto Schmidt – working in full colour – make Ollie Queen’s world that much more iconic. Simply put, they bring back the Van Dyck […]

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