Superman #30 review

Possessed by Parallax, Superman is confronted by Sinestro. Once partners, the leader of the Yellow Lanterns and the fear creature battle it out for Superman’s soul.  The Green Lantern-turned-villain, though, has back-up. Transported to the world of Qward by the lightning bolts of its warrior Weaponers, Superman is trussed up by Sinestro. He wants to […]

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Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S. #1 review

This event spin-off spotlights Steve Trevor, one of DC’s oldest characters but rarely a popular one. He began as a dashing hero figure in Wonder Woman’s Golden Age stories, but in the Silver Age was presented as a lovesick chauvinist, resulting in unpopularity with readers and his getting killed off. He came back in the […]

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Action Comics #21 review

Superman fights the Hybrid creature created by a Lex Luthor virus, bidding to dismantle it into its constituent parts – ordinary citizens of Metropolis – and he’s doing well until the bigger threat of Doomsday comes along. Doomsday Oh, hang on, that’s not Doomsday, it’s Lex Luthor in a hulking great power-suit. It certainly had […]

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The Phantom Stranger #4 review

The witty cover from illustrator Jae Lee and colourist June Chung says it all. The Phantom Stranger is dragged unwillingly into the murky business of Justice League Dark. On the coat-tails of John Constantine, no less. And all he wanted to do was get through a tedious shopping trip with his wife (click on image […]

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The Savage Hawkman #1 review

Carter Hall has had enough of being Hawkman. He drives to a remote spot, blasts and burns his costume and buries it. But the alien Nth Metal contained within the outfit isn’t done with him. Manifesting as a phoenix, it burns Carter. Next thing he knows he’s waking in his apartment, naked. A visit from […]

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