Sif #1 review

As a little kid reading Thor reprints in UK Marvel Comics, I resented Sif for coming along and kicking Jane Foster out of the strip. Over the years though, I came to like the character – for one thing, Jack Kirby’s design made her fun to look at; for another, her fighting spirit made her […]

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Wonder Woman #43 review

Goodness, what big arms you have, Diana. Mind, it’s partly a question of perspective, as Nicola Scott gives us her spin on the Wonder Spin. While I prefer issue-specific covers, there’s no denying this is an attractive image, and if it shifts a few extra copies, terrific. Inside, Scott shares the pencilling with Fernando Dagnino […]

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Mighty Avengers #36 review

And after three years the Mighty Avengers comes to an end. Not with a whimper, but a bang, as the don’t-call-him-winsome Wasp, Jocasta and Blackjack take on Ultron and his infinite army of Jocastas. Regular readers of the book won’t be surprised that Waspish Hank has a few tricks to pull out of thin air […]

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Siege: Loki #1 review

Led off by a magnificent cover from Marko Djurdjevic, Thor’s trickster brother features in his own one-shot, bargaining with immortals to create mischief and mayhem. That’s Mephisto, ruler of the Underworld, and Hela, former ruler of the Underworld (Norse division). By the end of the issue new maps of hell have been drawn and Loki […]

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Brightest Day #0 review

As well as space-wasting splash pages and characters yelling ‘THE HELL?’, one of the things guaranteed to get me moaning is a #0 issue. Usually it’s simply a first issue by another number. Not here though, as we join former Deadman Boston Brand on a journey across the DC Universe to check in with others […]

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The Flash #1 review

Barry Allen’s back at work with the Central City Police Department, the Flash is patrolling the streets and there are some familiar, yet fresh, antagonists in town. It’s fair to say that the first issue of this reborn book moves at a fair clip. The opening pages, mind, make Barry look a bit rubbish, as […]

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Spider-Man: Fever #1 review

Spider-Man meets black whimsy in this story written and illustrated by Brendan McCarthy or, as he playfully styles himself here, ‘McMarvel’. A mystical tome* Dr Stephen Strange purchases by mail order (ha!) turns out to be linked to extra-dimensional spider-demons and when one breaks through into the Marvel Universe it’s thrilled to come across Spider-Man; […]

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S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 review

High concept, low expectations about sums up my attitude to this series prior to reading this first issue. I’d not been able to get into writer Jonathan Hickman’s Secret Warriors, featuring S.H.I.E.L.D. mainstay Nick Fury, so thought a story focused on the organisation’s heritage might not be for me. But recent issues of Fantastic Four […]

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